About InnovaNutra

InnovaNutra offers nature-inspired products to the food, beverage and cosmetic industries. Our mission is to improve shelf-life and delivery of susceptible natural food and skin care ingredients, enable development of clean label products in food and cosmetic sector, taste-masking of bitter ingredients and reduce cost of valuable ingredients in the finished products.

InnovaNutra’s technology can produce formulations with concentrated amounts of naturally occurring, health-promoting nutrients while removing any bitterness or astringency associated with them. This aids in reducing the amount of added sugars needed to have a great tasting snack or beverage.

Natural ingredients utilized in skin care formulations are quickly broken down by exposure to the environment when applied on the skin. InnovaNutra’s formulations improve the protection of these natural ingredients by at least three to five-fold. This enables improved delivery to target skin sites.

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Our Products

Nutritional Supplement Applications

Our products deliver

  • Improved health with natural bioactives.
  • Effective taste masking of naturally occurring bitter compounds without added sugars.
  • Enhanced absorption of bioactives in the gut.

Food and Beverage Applications

Our novel formulations

  • Enhance nutritional and functional properties of food and beverage products.
  • Extend shelf life.
  • Remove chemical preservatives.
  • Reduce added and natural sugar from fruit-based products while preserving the taste.

Skin Care and Cosmetic Applications

Our innovative formulations provide

  • Novel skin care products with enhanced stability of natural ingredients and bioactives.
  • Unique binding and enhanced delivery of bioactives.
  • Natural preservation and antimicrobials.

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Our Team

Nitin Nitin, PhD

Chairman, Board of Directors, InnovaNutra & Professor, UC Davis

Anu Ranganathan, PhD

Chief Technology Officer & Principal Investigator, InnovaNutra

Stephen Young

Co-Inventor & Graduate Student, UC Davis

Julie Morris, MBA

Business Advisor, InnovaNutra & Director of Technology Innovation at UC Davis World Food Center

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